What is a Body Vibration Machine?

Peter J. Hart

To lose weight or get substantial fitness results within the shortest time, sportspeople and patients of rehabilitation centers use whole body vibration machines, for best result centers must use best whole body vibration machines. A device of this type looks like a stimulator, consists of a platform, hand rails or straps, a control block. Ready for training or physiotherapy the person stands on the platform and takes up the recommended positions and exercises.

Applications and Benefits

Vibration plates produce vertical vibration that is extremely beneficial for the human muscles, bones, blood circulation and general well-being. They stimulate anaerobic activity and blood circulation, useful hormones regeneration, improve heart function. The impulses make muscles relax and contract several times/sec. and it improves mood, reduces stress level, transmits energy to the body. Amazing massage and stimulatory effects tone up muscles and rehabilitate the person. Buying a body vibration machine is a good investment, but consider the equipment application, personal goals and capabilities.

Weight Loss

Mini Full Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine Weight loss would require doing intense exercises during 5 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Powerful devices would be necessary, while frequencies and forces are to be moderate, especially for the beginners, in order to avoid joints harm. As a result of regular training, metabolism will be improved. Muscles and connective tissues become flexible while belly fat is burnt.

Professional Training

To develop muscle strength, active training is needed. Tensing and relaxing up to 50 times/sec, the muscles become strong and flexible. Intense workout is very effective while a sportsman promptly gets excellent results during 10 minutes of using a machine without any efforts. Bone density will also increase in time while risk of osteoporosis or fracture gets much lower.

Therapeutic goals

Rehabilitation with full body vibration machines is recommended for patients with:

  • sacropenia
  • metabolic syndrome
  • osteoporosis
  • menopausal syndrome
  • arthritis
  • fibromyalgia
  • type 2 diabetes

General anti-aging and fitness effects are also noticed. Due to improved lymph drainage, toxins and debris are removed from the body and the patients feel better. But only lower frequencies and exercise durations are chosen for therapeutic reasons.

Types of Body Vibration Machines

There are three types of the popular fitness devices:

  • vertical
  • portable
  • dual motor

Vertical devices are large and powerful. They produce true vertical vibration, healthsome for the body. As to the motor location, there are linear, crank and complimentary eccentric weight machines. Linear ones are gentle and the most reliable.

Portable vibration plates are lightweight, compact and recommended for travelling and using in small rooms. They can be easily taken away, but some customers complain that the equipment is not powerful and effective enough. Additionally, the capacity is limited and heavier users are to consider it.

Dual motor machines are used for professional application and intense training. They transmit vibration in three directions and only in top-quality, reliable models vertical moves prevail.

Techical and Other Factors

For useful, gentle effect, choose adjustable devices with powerful motors. Low frequencies are to be available while the best models are quiet and comfortable. Metal body is preferable for enhanced durability of the whole body vibration machines. While additional functions such as height adjustment or calories counting are beneficial.

The best producers are SDS Fitness, GForce, NCI, Tripact Inc., Confidence Fitness, Emer, Merax, Hurtle, Gadget:Fit and Axis-Plate. According to the customer reviews, Professional Dual Motor Machine from GForce is admitted to be the best portable devices. The gentlest and the most sensitive portable model is Butterfly Shape from Tripact Inc.

Choosing a vibration plate, pay attention to technical specifications. Only reliable top-quality brands are beneficial. And preliminary consultation with a doctor and fitness trainer is recommended to eliminate contraindications and avoid body harm.